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Best BUdget Lenovo Smart Band HW01 Review

Lenovo Smart Band HW01

Hello all guys Lenovo recently launched a fabulous Budget Smart Watch for just INR or Rs 1999/- or maybe a Smartband for the geeky people out there, the Band is highly feature loaded and has a variety of inbuilt customisations and will be a lot usefull for the daily purposes like jogging, remainder schedulation and many more activities.

This watch can be used with both android and ios devices easily. It has a inbuilt Dynamic heart rate monitor which can help you in your health related issues. The Band Works on Bluetooth and the first thing you need to do after getting the watch is installing it’s app from play store on android or app store for the iphones. It can count your number of steps you have taken during your daily movements walking etc. And the most important point about the watch is that it is dust proof and with that it is water resistant and doesn’t have any effect from daily friciton caused by usage.

It can give you notifications about missed calls and messages plus it can also give notifications from the non-system apps like whatsapp, facebook etc. This band can you act as a noise free alarm for you, it just vibrates to wake you up from the sleep and thus helping you. It has a OLED display, and it is made from silicone and will suit for both man and woman as well. It has a display resolution of 128by 32 pixels and the total weight of the band is just 22gms and th battery capacity is pretty nice and the watch can be used for long 5 days without charging.

                                             Warranty and terms:

It comes with standard 1 year warranty from lenovo with the terms and conditons. The warranty doesn’t cover the physical damaged caused if any. Overall its a nice product if any one is interested in the monitoring of the above activities mentioned.


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