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How to earn Money using Whatsapp easily

Hello Guys, In this article we gonna be sharing cool easy ways to earn money through whatsapp.

It would be not wrong to say now a days that whatsapp has become like a necessity for all the smartphone users in today’s world. In this modern tech world where almost everyone has a smartphone and internet access.

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app used world wide, launched 9 years ago back in 2009.

You would we shocked to know that you can earn through this app which you use daily for sending messages.

We have collected over a lots of methods which can used by anyone having whatsapp and a basic internet access.

So guys lets unbind the mystery of earning money through whatsapp.

Here are the most easiest ways of making money and filling your pockets with a lot of cash without working any hard:

1st Way:

Sharing Affiliate links: This one is the most popular and much widely used by bloggers to put links on the blogs and websites. but you can also use this method for making money using whatsapp, you can just share the affiliate links to all your friends who wants to buy stuff and you can earn a lot of commission through their purchases very easily. For this you just need to register for a affiliate account with any of the online shopping sites like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, myntra, and a lots of more companies, but these are the popular ones. you can get the link for any prouduct through your affiliate account which you can send directly to your friends and relatives or send it to the groups.

2nd Way:

Survey apps referral: There are several apps available on play store such as ladooo mCent and various others through which you can earn by installing simple apps, not just installing apps you can earn by referring your friends to install the same app and get bonus amount to your account for referral. you can recharge your mobile with that amount or send it to paytm in some cases.

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