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How to get H1B visa for USA / US for interested in working in US

Hello friends,

             It is a very deep will for everyone or atleast the Computer science Engineers to work in US for a regular job or atleast some experience of working and staying there.

But for that we require our Visa to be authenticated by the American Officials, but after D. Trump came it has became very hard for anyone to get Visa.

Anyways in this article we gonna discuss the ways one can get H1B visa legally.

  • First way is to find some company who can sponser your Visa. But it is very difficult to find and many companies are becoming hesitant in filing visas, hence it is next to impossible for one to get through this process.
  • Second method is through many of the H1B consultants, these people are always available provided you have a job in your hand. So what you need to do is find a good reliable consultant who can get the work done for you very easily.

However please note that getting a reliable consultant is another difficult task, there are many fraudsters sitting out there. So you need to be careful while picking a reliable consultant for the process.

All the best for getting your Visa.

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